I'll Mail Your Solo Ad to ONE MILLION People...

And I'll Flood Your Inbox With Customers, Members, Subscribers, You Name It - Whatever Your Offer is - I'll Bring You The Customers

And, I'll even personally write your sales letter for you (for a modest fee)... But hurry, I'm only doing this for the next 20 13 clients!

I'll even show you where to get instant, turn-key, money-making websites offering products perfect for this method of marketing... FREE!


Mike G here.

Listen, you may not realize this but I've been in the email marketing business since the very beginning of my involvement of the internet, way back in 1996.

I live it, breathe it, sleep it, it's an enormous part of my business life and needless to say, it represents an enormous part of my annual revenues.

As a matter of fact, when the FTC was considering rule changes to the CAN-SPAM Act, way back in 2003, I was asked to prepare a special report for them, which I did, and I'm happy to say they embraced my concepts. I've always been dead serious about being a professional email marketer. I know it, I love it, and I do it legitimately and with professional expertise and now I'm willing to do something very special for you...

You see, I have developed a very large database of people to mail to. And I gotta tell you, these people are interested in all kinds of things: Business opportunities, network marketing, consumer goods, software, hardware, health products, beauty products. Well, the list goes on and on.

And, I have built an extremely sophisticated software platform that enables me to mail this database with a very high deliverability rate (that's the tricky part these days). And I wish that I could share with you all of the things that I have done to make this so effective, but I cannot, I will not, because frankly, I'm tired of being copied and ripped off by other people. So, you'll just have to trust me on this... I will get your mail sent and I will flood your inbox with orders, members, customers, subscribers, whatever your heart desires.

Now you also need to realize that mailing a million people these days can easily cost as much as (and you can Google this if you like) up to $2.00 CPM (CPM means 'Cost Per Thousand') so a one million mailing could cost you $2,000.00.

But right now and because I've had so much success with my new mailing software system, I want to open the doors and allow other people who are flat out struggling trying to make it on the internet, the opportunity to do something very positive and very profitable right now, and I'm willing to do it for you at a very special price.

But not today, not now, at this price, well you've gotta see it...

And put your thinking cap on for this one... This special price is so low that I will extend to you the right to act as a facilitator for your own clients and resell this package along with this service which you simply coordinate with your clients by getting their sales copy from them and sending it off to us, and you are welcome to charge whatever fee you feel is appropriate for the additional services you provide your own clients and then just order from us. Simple, easy, and very profitable. This is a money maker for you.. mail your own offers, mail offers for others.

Oh, and one more thing... And it's not a small detail.

I have over 200 million opt-in email records available to me for you to tap into...

That means this. Once I mail your offer to the first million, you can repeat the success 199 more times!

And one more thing: If you don't have an ideal product or service to sell via email marketing, there's a great company that specializes in this field. Not only do they have excellent products to sell online, but they also have professionally done email sales copy that works perfectly with our mailing system. And, they pay extremely generous commissions. Getting an account is easy and it's free. And then you just select from any of the many offers they have available. Go here and you can have your own money making, turn-key websites, as many as you want, set up literally in just minutes, free!

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